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    Unhappy Please help

    I had a vci 400 delivered yesterday, I installed the software from the cd and everything was fine. I then updated to the latest firmware/driver update from the vestex website and the controller stopped working. So I uninstalled all of the vestex software and thought id re install. Now when I try to connect the controller it says hardware not recognized so I cannot install any of the drivers etc! Its driving me mad, iv tried a system restore etc, tried a new usb cable, different ports but nothing. It is recognized in devises and printers but has a yellow exclamation by it. Im guessing this is a driver issue, but how can I sort this if I cant connect it to download the drivers??

    Please help, very frustrated and disappointed

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    Hi it's sounds like it's similar that happened to me you must download the repair drivers and things you can get in from
    And will explain you step-by-step on how to repair it if not don't hesitate to get in contact with dj tt they can also be extremely helpful

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