VCI 400 Latency 90ms+
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    Default VCI 400 Latency 90ms+

    Hi Hope someone can help here, I recently decided to purchase the VCI 400 and have had a few problems from the start;
    The first one came in trying to get the controller to operate Traktor at all. After finding a map I managed to get it to work however I have one massive problem being that the latency is over 90ms and the the CPU usage is extremely high (nearly always in the red).
    I have moved from an S4 Mk1 and (obviously) had no issues with this before due to the plug and play nature of it. I appreciate more effort is needed to get a non NI product to work however I am really struggling to get this controller how I want it!

    I have an Asus machine running windows 8.1 64bit, 2.6GHz I5 processor, 8GB of RAM.

    So far I have downloaded the revised firmware and ASIO from Vestax and also managed to get a couple of Maps from DJTT and got the controller to run however all I would like (to start with) is a basic map to control Cue Play/Pause and a cue points etc.

    The Jog wheels need to be turned so much more than the S4 wheels to get the same movement in the track, and the software is really slow to react to the crossfader movement as well. As I like to scratch this is really unacceptable. I am hoping there is some fix available for this as I think it may ALL be due to latency?

    Thanks in advance!!!!

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    to fix your latency you will need to use the vestax application, (vci-400 control panel) setting this correctly will enable you to get latency down to 7.3ms

    to make your jogs more "tight" change the settings on the mappings

    This hardware is designed for people who like to devise their own mappings so you will need to mess with settings a little bit to get it exactly how you want

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