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    I know this might be a stupid question but I need some help picking out a sound card that is relatively cheap. I'm using logic pro with Rokit 5 speakers and an novation keyboard. I have no idea what I need for my setup so some input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    It depends on your needs. Probably since you do not use any mics or line inputs all you need is any soundcard with low latency and a sound quality that fits your needs. Pretty much any sound card should be enough. You could even use the built in of your PC/Mac unless you need a lower latency or higher quality. I'd look for something cheap ebay. Don't pay more than 30€ for it. Or go bigger and get something like the UR 22.

    Maybe think of it the other way around: What do you miss with your current setup? Is it only cables maybe? ;-)

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    What do you need a soundcard for? For the speakers? I'm pretty sure your novation keyboard can be hooked up directly to your laptop/computer through USB.

    For the speakers, what wires do you have? RCA or XLR? You'll need a soundcard with at least 1 stereo output. Do you need more than that?

    I own american audio versaport. It was pretty cheap ($100, if i remember). I bought that because I mainly needed 2 stereo inputs and it also has 2 stereo outputs. I can't complain, I'm really happy with it. I'm sure you can find cheaper if you just get a small soundcard with 1 stereo output.

    OR a SUPER cheap alternative is to get a splitter, female RCA to male aux. Those links are examples of this. But it all depends on what wires you're using and what an be connected to your computer. You didn't give enough info.



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    If you need no inputs, go with a Traktor Audio 2. Really small, sounds good, and lower latency than using your built in soundcard.

    I travel with one, it's small and works perfect.

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