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    Hi to all

    I'm trying to set up DJ Tech Digi-mix 2020 mk2 on my acer lap top, installed all the software no problems, I put the usb b sound card in that was supplied connected speakers, connected headphones to laptop. My problems is cueing the next track no sound through headphones !

    Any help would be appreciated, itching to get started !



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    What software are you using?
    If you are in Vrtual DJ then under config you can select the option you want under Sound Setup. Then you need to have Outputs set to headphones and Soundcard to 2 cards. Then you will want master on the first card and headphones (for cueing) on the second.

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    I don't know the specific routings, but how are your audio routings set? And, just to get the little things out of the way, have you set the cue for the deck you want, and do you have the Mix knob by the Master volume knob all the way to the left?
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    Does that card have two outputs on it? if so run your master off that also.
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