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    Default Post Approval FAQ - IMPORTANT

    DJTT Has an anti-spam system requiring the first 5 posts of all new members to be approved by a moderator. After this, you may post freely.

    - All new threads in the Buy/Sell Forum must be approved by a moderator before going live. These will be approved within 48 hours if they comply with the forum rules.

    - If you have any specific questions regarding post approvals, please PM a moderator directly.

    - Please note: Allow 48 hours for a post to be approved before reposting (moderators are not omniscient, despite the rumours)

    - Any further thread/post approval related threads started in this forum will be locked or deleted.

    Update: You may only post in the Buy & Sell forum if you have more than 25 forum posts. Even if your thread has the correct details these will be deleted.

    Update: This also applies to the Mixes & Productions Forum.
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