My Favourite Freaks Podcast #63

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„3 Shots“ with

Together with Lars Brankatschk you are the head of My Favourite Freaks Podcast! What is the idea behind My Favourite Freaks Podcast ?

This podcast should be something special where you can find what you are looking for … good music for the floor from talented djs around the world. When you visit a club you want to hear good music and have fun! That’s what we want to give you with this podcast! You should have fun and good music! Bla bla bla what else?

What kind of style you played in your mix? Do you made something special? Or just a mix?

I always thinking about what kind of style i can mix at a podcast but at MY FAVOURITE FREAKS PODCAST i play music that i like … no matter if it's old or new, no matter what kind of style it is but yes, i prefer techhouse! In this new mix i played some of my favourite new tracks but also one of my all time favourite tune by Detroid Grand Pubahs.

What is your next release and where do you release it?

In 1 month we will release the first ep of my new album „ – To The“ on Zoo:Technique with remixes of The Glitz, Ray Okpara and Jules & Moss. One month later we will release my album on Zoo:Technique! It’s an techhouse album for the floor!!!
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01. Italoboyz Feat Durant – Eyes Wide Shut
02. Toddla T Sound – Acid
03. Harry Romero – Casino
04. Yousef – Analogue Times
05. Enzo Leep featuring Odille - Cut 1 (Deepshape Remix)
06. Murk Feat Oba Frank Lords & Oscar G – Dark Beat Addicted To Drums (Ralph Falcon Mix)
07. Floorplan – Never Grow Old
08. Kaiserdisco – Ceviche
09. Joeski - All By Myself (Nathan Barato Remix)
10. Nikola Gala - Killer Queen (Ramon Tapia Remix)
11. Tiga & Audion – Fever (Kink Remix)
12. Detroid Grand Pubahs – Sandwiches
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