Deckadance with OS X help
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    Default Deckadance with OS X help

    hello all!
    so I've searched a few forums with no answer to this query, and the silly Image-Line forums won't even let you post unless you have purchased from them (but i would need this question answered before i would purchase from them.....)

    anyway, i was hoping someone around these parts might have an answer for me... so,

    i have d/l the demo of deckadance for both both windows and os x. when i install on windows, it gives me the option to install as a standalone, or as a VST as well.
    however, when i install on os x, there is no option for vst install....

    the only reason i'm interested in deckadance would be to use it inside of albeton, but i can't seem to use it a vst plugin on os x (my lappy)

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    It doesn't ask with Mac, but check under Plug-In Devices->VST->Image-Line. Tell me how it goes. I have a similar setup but the Deckadance kept crashing Live. The other problem was that the effects in Ableton can't be synced with DD.

    The no-post-forum is the dumbest idea I've ever heard of. No way I'll buy before I try.

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