Kontrol S4 and Audio 8 Dj working together?
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    Default Kontrol S4 and Audio 8 Dj working together?

    Hello everybody!

    I'm using a MacBook Pro and a Kontrol S4 MK1 directly plugged on a couple of active speakers but i want to add more inputs to my setup (to add 2 mic and 1 cd player for example). But for mobility reasons, i don't want to use an external mixer... Is it possible to complete my setup with a Audio 8 Dj working with or in parallel the Kontrol S4? How i do that? How configure this setup?

    Thanks for your help!

    Sorry for my poor english.... I'm french!

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    Hi, you dont need an external mixer for that setup and you also dont need an external soundcard.

    Set Traktor up for 4 decks. Use the top two A & B for internal playback. Set Deck C up for "live input", you just plug the CDJ in at the back where it says Deck C. Then plug your mix into deck D on the back also. I havent used a mix with my S4, but theres plenty of tutorials around for it.

    You can then use your CDJ and the S4 as the mixer and still use all the internal FX.

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