touch osc - transport jog search?
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    Default touch osc - transport jog search?

    hey are any mapping geeks out there who can help me with this?
    im trying to map a function on my touchOsc so that can scan trough a track in a way that is similar to needle drops on vinyl.

    ive tried it with rotarys and faders mapped to the "deck seek position" but its kindof shit. but i think there should be more to it.

    im not pro at this yet, but ive noticed for some control funtions it spits out a cc value when a nob is turned and when my finger comes off the nob (in osc when i take my finger off it sends out a duplicate message with a "/z" at the end") should i be using this to my advantage?

    on a side note, what is the reason these "/z" messages are there and how do i use them properly in traktor?
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    This is a good question - I have been wondering about this too. Anyone got any good info?


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