Running Traktor as input to Guitar Rig standalone
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    Default Running Traktor as input to Guitar Rig standalone

    Pretty sure I fried my sub the other night, definitely want to avoid this in the future. I think what did it is very low frequency waves at high volume.
    So I want to run Traktor through a graphic equalizer to cut off the very low (below 30ish hz) frequencies to be more gentle on the sub I'm using. Is it possible and stable to run Traktor into Soundflower (or similar program), Soundflower into Guitar Rig, use the parametric equalizer in Guitar Rig and then out to the hardware?
    Any other ideas for how to do this? Basically I'm after a very precise EQ, and it doesn't look like this is possible inside of Traktor. Alternative is buying a graphic equalizer and processing the sound between the computer output and speaker input but that's expensive.

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    Lower the volume or get a better sub if the current one can't handle it. There's not much point using a sub if you're going to remove the lows.
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    I'd be surprised if your sub can go properly below 30hz, so cutting that out won't make a difference.

    Lower the volume of the sub.
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