Best time/day for online radio show?
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    Default Best time/day for online radio show?

    Going to be a starting a new online radio show and was wondering if there's a particularly good time/day to air it. I had originally decided on Sunday, but I haven't come to a final decision. Anyone have any advice on the subject?

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    speaking from probably the most experiance here on DJTT with doing an online show, i can tell you there is NO such best time of day week to do it. You build your fanbase. they come if and when they have time or they know when you are doing your show and they MAKE time.
    In this matter you CAN NO cater to the masses and what is a best time for them to be available.

    Trust me on this one:
    You do your show at the timeslot that is best suited for your lifestyle during the week.
    If you are doing it at a comfortable time in your own day to day life, then your show is going to be focused, true,
    proper, and organized.
    There will be many shows where you know that no one is listening LIVE or even just minutes that people tune out and then back in later.
    You just keep going.
    Stick to your timeslot and people will see the pattern of when it airs live, they will start to make time for it.
    Its like a Saturday afternoon series on TV
    Sometimes you can get to it, sometimes NOT so your best bet, as the listner, is to hope and pray that the TV station has recorded it and will replay it later on
    thats where you come in...... make sure you record your shows
    and offer them as podcast + download + rebroadcast

    I been doing a live show since 2000-2001. I might know something about this hee hee

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    Great stuff. Thanks man.

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