Traktor Scratch Pro 2 A6
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    Default Traktor Scratch Pro 2 A6

    I have just bought a 2nd hand Traktor Audio 6 DVS system.

    Question is the seller said that there isnt a install disc, he had to download it online via a serial codw which he has.

    Now how do i download it? It being Traktor Scratch Pro 2? To my computer. How do I get it up on the internet?

    Many thanks Alex

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    The seller has to deregister his copy of TSP, then you use the same serial to register and download via NI.
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    Did you buy Traktor Scratch Pro Audio 6 package or did you just but the Audio 6 soundcard.
    If you bought the package then the software should have been included. If you just bought the soundcard on its own you will have to buy the Traktor Certified Upgrade Kit. It has the full version of TSP with the timecode.

    Post a pic of the box.

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