Metadata/ID3 tags, itunes, and Traktor
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    Default Metadata/ID3 tags, itunes, and Traktor

    So I usually use itunes to keep my library sorted, and to edit all my tags/metadata within my music. I figure, if for some reason I have to use serato suddenly, I'm good to go. Also, making quick playlists for my phone or home use are easier on the fly if needed.
    Anyhow, I'm having issues with the ratings and comments carrying over to/being read by Traktor after I edit them in itunes. I've neglected updating my musics tags over the last year or two, and it's time to catch up. I'm still on 2.6.1 because, well... if it aint broke... Especially after what seemed like a boondoggle with 2.6.6. Any ideas if there is a certain version of ID3 tags that works between the two better than another? Do I have to just bite the bullet and update?

    EDIT - after looking a little further, turns out I'm seeing things in the track collection, but they won't show up in the explorer tree. Any ideas on if it's possible to make things a little more uniform?
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