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    Default Podcast done in logic

    Hey guys,

    I'm looking to do weekly mixes for a podcast. Listening to some of the popular podcasts I noticed that most of them are done on the computer for the precision of doing it in a daw. Today I tried to do the same but it ended up taking me a few hours and didn't come out as good as I planed.

    Is there an easier way then what I'm doing? Does anyone have any advise to speed this process up?

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    Just hit record mate. For my ambient podcasts, i use audition to put them together but thats mainly for timing purposes.
    I would mix/record as usual, and add your Bumpers & ID's in logic later.
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    almost all podcasts are recorded INTO a computer. I dont know of anyone using a DAW to edit them.
    I have been doing them for years and i never edit, analyze, or modify the sound in any way after recording.
    i just upload it

    If you want to put in drops, do it while you are mixing. or at least learn to do it that way

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    Hi Nas,

    You may want to use Ableton if you want to produce a podcast in a DAW. It's autowarp function can make things a lot quicker than using flex time on all the tracks. You can load up an EQ three plug in on each track to simulate the EQ knobs you would have on a mixer.

    Alternatively if you want to record live in a DAW, you could set up each channel from your mixer to be a different track within your DAW, that way you can make some small adjustments or edits after you record.

    Hope that helps!

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