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    Hey I write a blog called Make or Break Berlin. Check out my latest post about Reading a Crowd and leave some comments and feedback, love to answer questions. Cheers. Josh.
    PS This applies for music other than techno and house
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    Listen brother, I really don't want to get hard and down on you. Please don't take this the wrong way but you may wish to consider re-wording the title of your blog or taking if off completely and starting over. I rather post this critique here as I don't want to taint your blog and I really don't want to offend you because after-all, you did put it out for everyone to read and comment. But your blog has no depth whatsoever.

    It is one thing to give advice on the forums, but if you are going to give advice via a blog about crowd reading in Berlin specifically for a guest dj or djs that may wish to travel their, brother, you have to go deeper. You have to introduce the psychological aspects that directly relates to djing. You have to explain how music affects emotion, how lighting affects emotion, and how when all paired with the right music, creates atmosphere. You have to explain the importance of timing of the night paired with the right music and how it relates to creating atmosphere. The same crowd you get at 10PM may not be the same as the 1AM or even 3AM/after hours crowd and so the music changes as well.

    At the end of the day, there is this terrible mis-understanding that many people have. If a dj is paid large sums of money and flown out to play a guest position, the ratio then becomes 70/30 of the dj leading vs reading. The ratio changes depending on whether or not the booker paired the dj to meet the club's sound. This is different to a resident dj starting a new night or concept where the regulars haven't been developed yet.

    Look up once in a while, see what catches people's attention.
    This doesn't make sense- how many times during your set are you going to do this? The idea is to take them on a journey. How many times are you going to stop for bathroom breaks and ask if everyone is alright?

    Does the crowd like breaks? (common thing here)
    This doesn't make sense- Why would a dj that plays house deliberately play at a venue where people commonly likes breaks?

    Are you not keeping the good stuff going on long enough?
    This doesn't make sense to a seasoned dj- why would a dj that is reading a crowd deliberately switch to bad stuff and keep the bad stuff on? If a dj reached the level of djing at a club, there should be some type of reasonable expectation that the dj knows right from wrong. You have to decide if your blog is going to be entry level or advanced but it certainly can't be common sense

    Try to find what works and stick with it.
    You are basically repeating yourself and are underestimating the abilities of the dj.

    Even if a dance floor is empty, are you doing your best?
    Why would a dj work so hard to get a club gig only not do his/her best? You seem to just be filling up space on your blog post with no real information

    If you're really playing your best and it's just not what people are digging sometimes you just gotta keep going with it.
    That's it? Where is the depth? Where is the explanation on how one can take it further? What are some options?

    If you're trying a new sound or vibe, it may take a while for people to get used to what you're spinning, but don't give up your integrity.
    Now you are contradicting yourself- what happened to you saying to look up to see what catches people's attention or to keep the good stuff on long enough?
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    Hey man, I'll definitely go into more detail. I understand what you're saying, it is important to specify. Hope you keep reading and following! Editing now

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    Your attitude towards criticism is phenomenal Gabriel. Cudos to you for using the opportunity to improve your blog. Keep it up!

    And cudos to you Colione for getting your points across with out being an arse!

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    Quote Originally Posted by VanGogo View Post
    Your attitude towards criticism is phenomenal Gabriel. Cudos to you for using the opportunity to improve your blog. Keep it up!

    And cudos to you Colione for getting your points across with out being an arse!
    That's pretty cool that you took notice and pointed out his attitude.

    He is doing the right thing. Unfortunately, this side of djing is the emotional side that takes a lot more deep thinking and analyzing then most would be able to articulate, much less care to spend time learning. It's like a soccer player vs a coach. Not all great players can coach or see the entire picture. It's a different set of skills.

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