What up everyone, first time poster here so don't kill me if this issue has been answered already please.....

I just upgraded to the S4 MK2 from an S2. My issue is this: My computer recognizes the S4 by name in the device manager, but not under the sound and video game section, only in the USB section, so I still have the exclamation point. I have tried to manually install the driver through the device manager, but the computer (PC) says it can find the driver, even when I directly provide the file path. Obviously traktor nor the controller editor recognize the S4 as the driver has not been installed to the hardware.

What is the issue? I have uninstalled and reinstalled both traktor and the driver multiple times, I even went back to the previous version of traktor and still I am having issues.

Has anyone else experienced this? What was the fix? Is the another patch or download I need for my PC (Windows 7 64bit, intel i5) to recognize the S4 MK2 driver?