Windows 7 and VCI-100 does anyone have it working?
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    Default Windows 7 and VCI-100 does anyone have it working?

    I'm trying to get my VCI-100 to work with traktor pro in windows 7. It shows up in device manager and the lights light up like they should but the VCI-100 does not communicate with traktor... any ideas?


    EDIT: I figured out what my problem was. In OSX everything just works out of the box but in windows you have to go to controller manager, then select the VCI-100 under device and set the in and out port to VESTAX PC-Controller. hope someone finds this post helpful.
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    Default actually

    it works great with win7
    its stable and fast. eaven the issue with midi out(hangs freezes on winxp is gone!!!)
    the thing is that u should streamline it, it should work great then.

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    I didn't have any issues when i was beta testing with the 64bit release candidate.

    I wouldn't expect to see anything different with the retail version, as far a the midi out issue hanging up i didnt do a long enough test to prove the problem was fixed but at the time it didnt seem to have the problem
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