best online courses under 100 bucks for INTERMEDIATE ableton users..
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    Default best online courses under 100 bucks for INTERMEDIATE ableton users..

    so im almost 40, have been using ableton for about 5 years,( and have been DJing for 20)... i have kids so i dont have alot of time to dedicate to production , so im not where alot might be after 5 years, i do have experience using an mpc and other daws coming into ableton so i can put together a track, hence i dont really need beginner courses.
    im just at a point in my production where i feel like im standing still, but not for lack of inspiration or anything.i have gained working knowledge of most of the devices in live, and can do some basic sound design and stuff. ive watched countless youtube vids and all that but now i feel like im ready for a concise "tune up" of my workflow and technical skills in ableton.

    ive looked into ill gates workshops but they seem more towards state of mind than actual workflow and technical stuff.(anyone have any experience with his vids?)

    anyway im up for a fathers day gift and have been looking for something to help me along my journey, anyone have any suggestions?
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    Tom Cosm.

    He is a bloody genius. Google him.
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    Default has some good stuff. You can actually just pay for a month's worth of the subscription and try to tear through a whole bunch of their ableton courses. Skip the moldover one, though.

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    Warp Academy

    I just took a remixing webinar (managed to get it for $200 instead of the regular $300) and I really loved the webinar format. The best part is that you're not digesting a pre made course/video. The instructor did have a set structure/outline but he was able to shift direction if the viewers had questions about other area's that they were interested in.

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