Goodbye Traktor, Hello Rekordbox
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    Default Goodbye Traktor, Hello Rekordbox

    Thought Id talk bait about moving from tractor to rekordbox for others thinking about doing the same.

    I was sick of taking loads of gear including 1210s and a laptop out to gigs so wanted to cut down. I also had some issues with Traktor failing mid set and being a pain in the arse setting up. was also sick of paying through the nose for needles so I decided on going for CDJs. New baby also meant I needed to scale down size wise.

    Went for the CDJ350 and matching Mixer and have had a play with rekordbox. The software is fine, although its shit that you can't store any cues with the 350s.

    Having not really looked after my music collection thats become a mess Its nice to be able to start again with Rekordbox.

    Overall Im really glad I made the jump. Ive still got Traktor and will still use it at home and the odd gig. But more than happy with Rekordbox ATM!!!

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    Traktor is still WAY easier to make playlists for harmonic mixing though vs Rekordbox.
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    maybe its because i keep my tables at home and use my S4 at mobile gigs but i NEVER have a problem setting up Traktor and i mean EVER!
    sometimes i might have left an efx in the ON position on my MF3D but as soon as i switch banks, the sound comes through again.
    Other then that, when i do a gig, i can carry EVERYTHING i need for mixing in a shoulder bag (full sized MONO bag for the S4)
    and if i need extra cables and wires - USB hubs- and even my Pioneer EFX500 i keep all that in a double shoebox sized roadcast.
    Still light enough to carry in my free hand.

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