TONIC PRESENTS FLUID - 100% Tonic tunes
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01. Tonic - Hertz You Hertz Me
02. Tonic - Ping Pong
03. Radias - Monsoon Summer (Tonic Remix)
04. Tonic - Chains
05. Tonic - Eastern Winds
06. Tonic - Axis
07. Tonic - Trace Elements
08. Tonic - Refraction
09. Tonic - Psychotastic
10. Tonic - Cease Fire
11. Tonic - A+B2=C2
12. Tonic - Barron Empire
13. Tonic - Biomass
14. Tonic - Bloodfire
15. Shiver - Crossover (Tonic Remix)
16. Tonic - Silicon
17. Tonic - Heat Index
18. Tonic - Road Kill
19. Tonic - The Frontline
20. Tonic - Meditating Through the Wall
21. Tonic - Helium

Fluid brings me to the end of my latest studio goal. 26 tunes in 11 weeks is my most productive session to date.

Fluid was originally going to be a mix of all the tunes finished during this period but some of the tunes either did not fit in with the mix or I have sent them to labels as demo considerations. I am happy to report that after only one day I have all ready had some interest in one of the tunes finished during the session period. I took 4 other tunes I had made at the start of 2014 to make up the 21 tunes featured.

It took 2 weeks to do a 35 track mastering session. I am by no means a world class mastering engineer but it was a great learning experience and something I will continue to peruse.

Most of these tunes will be coming out on free EPís as exclusive downloads from my various social media. Feel free to sign up now so you donít miss out.

Special Thanks:

Mike Monday & The whole crew, even if I had all the support from everyone else in my life there is no way I would be where I am today without you all.

Carolyn Maxwell, Willow Maxwell, My Gran, Alistair Clark, Justin Morral, David Kerse, Tim Hanifin, Sam Hemming-Sykes, Modular Carnage Recordings, Matjaz Ekselenski, Daniel Cool, Theejay, Ben Sankey, Paul Howel, Paul Timmings, Andrew Cooper, Paul Tait, Ian Gough, Robbie Cloister, Ross Ward, Nora Yates, Dj Radias, Shiver, Andrew Thompson, Ben Horton, Eamon OíNeal, Phil Burton, Mikey B, Tom Lewis, Francis Kora, Michael Overcast, Nic Porteous, Soul Flex Digital, Flexout Audio, Tessa Chisholm, Nigel Stock, Jesse Hemming-Sykes, Dan-Andre Amlien, Ray Hargreves, Brian Campbell, Jimmy Flynn, Tim Mckenzie, Mash Orphic, Geoff Pybus, Marc Tinker, Jason Steel, Andrew Snook, Julien Cornu, Kerry Peck. And everyone else I have forgotten to mention.

Last but not least a huge thank you to you all for listening. Without your ears my music wouldnít exist.