Speaking into mic while doign mix's
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    Default Speaking into mic while doign mix's

    I have been trying to make a podcast using my mackbook, traktor srcatch pro 2 and my hercules rmx controller!

    I have been using my headphones as a mic and when i talk into them i can hear my voice through the speakers, but when i do a recording of this over music i can hear it through my speakers but when i check back the recording you cant hear my voice at all just the music?

    SO basically how do i record in haha?

    Cheerrs guys

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    record external from your controller. your mic in isn't connected to the soundcard in your controller, so recording in traktor in internal mode doesn't work. you either need another soundcard/mixer or you record from the main out into your headphone jack of the laptop using audacity or some kind of sound recording software.

    well at least this would explain it.
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    Yep, external mode matey, as ed mentions. also, (not sure if this applies to the RMX) but if it has a "Ducking" or "Talkover" feature, you should experiment with that when you talkover playing tracks.
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