DJ/VJing w Traktor/Resolume
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    Default DJ/VJing w Traktor/Resolume

    I hope I'm not asking a question already answered here. I did search but could not find a complete answer.
    I'm fairly new to Traktor. I was hoping to use Serato DJ+Video but the software is unstable and not ready for a live performance (IMHO). VirtualDJ is great for this purpose, but the sound isn't up to club quality (Anybody else feels that VDJ audio sounds like it's compressed?)
    I would like to use Traktor on a computer and Resolume on a separate machine. Both using Windows (please lets not debate this choice). I need to control tempo, loops, hot cues, etc. hence I need more than MBC, I need SMPTE/MTC.
    I was thinking of using the upper decks (1, 2) for music tracks and the lower decks for SMPTE tracks to do sort of the reverse of scratching, i.e. I would like to control the SMPTE tracks in regards to tempo and position from the music decks. This is akin to what many do with CDJs (see Armin's setup on YouTube), but much less costly than sacrificing 2 CDJs for this purpose.
    Anybody knows how to "slave" a deck to another one - by slaving I don't mean to slave tempo/beats but tempo and position so cues, loops, etc would be performed exactly the same on the SMPTE tracks as on the music tracks?
    Other suggestions to arrive at the same result?

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    What's wrong with Serato? It's a lot more stable than Virtual DJ from what I've seen. I have no experience with VJ stuff whatsoever, so I'll stay out of that part. The way you can slave a deck in Traktor or Virtual DJ is to have the mapping of the two decks on the same buttons. So hotcue1 on deck A would have the same button as hotcue1 on deck C for instance. This is not possible in Serato due to the unique way Serato is built (in other words, you're stuck with what they give you control over).

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    why not use SDJ or SSL with mixemergency?
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    Used to have traktor set up with Resolume Avenue for our webcasts, we worked some additional magic by mixing up Resolume with two live streams of two webcams pointed at the DJ(booth) from different angles.

    Was a cool time!
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