Recording a mix with Traktor 2 using an external mixer
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    Default Recording a mix with Traktor 2 using an external mixer


    Mixer: Behringer DDM 4000
    Deck: 2 x Numark NDX 900's
    Traktor Kontrol X1
    Sound card: Traktor Audio 10
    Laptop: Acer Aspire E1-531

    I have been having problems trying to record my mixes with 4 decks externally. I have tried troubleshooting by watching videos on youtube etc.. everyone seems to be saying the same thing but nothing is working.

    I have the mix recorder source as external and the internal input as Input FX ext.

    A re-occuring thing that is constantly mentioned in videos is a record out on the back of mixers, it seems that my mixer does not have this and I am just wondering is this required to be able to record externally?

    If anyone could give me answers it would be much appreciated, Thanks!!

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    Use the second Main out or Tape. Same as Rec out mate. You can also use Booth Out if the mixer has it (i know the 4000 does not)
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    here is the setup i use for recording mixes...

    AUDIO INTERFACE: Focusrite Scarlett 18i8
    SOFTWARE: Traktor pro 2
    MIXER: Xone 62

    out 1-2 (focusrite) goes to deck A on mixer
    outs 3-4 (focusrite) go to deck B on mixer
    booth/record outs (xone 62) go to input 7-8 on audio interface

    in traktor i run deck C as a live sound mixer that gets audio from inputs 7-8 . decks A and B get sent out to 1-2/3-4

    hope that helps

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    Why don't you run RCA's from the back of the behringer's out (either A/B) to one of the input channels of your soundcard? You can then assign that input to Traktor's recorder and you are good to go.


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