I've been listening to EDM (mostly progressive, deep, bigroom and electro house) for years at least few hours daily, but mainly live sets, rarely single tracks. This lead to having around 900 live sets, radio shows, promo mixes etc. in my top collection. It happens that I'll be in charge for music playback in few upcoming private parties (DJ) and now I have serious problem since I can't just play my favorite set since not all attendants prefer such style of music (+ they will have their own music requests). I will therefore have to play more mixed, commercial style (David Guetta, Inna, R.I.O., Avicii, DJ Antoine, Kid Massive, Calvin Harris, Swedish House Mafia, pop artists etc.) which is popular in more commercial clubs and local stations. In other words, music that most people are familiar with and is appropriate for partying and dancing (old hits got to be included as well).

So, could anyone please point me into right direction where to get such playlists and music collections? I would also really appreciate if someone could share me his playlists or list of mp3 collection - this can be done within seconds with program like this, which automatically generates .txt file: softpedia.com/get/System/File-Management/File-List-Maker.shtml

Thanks a lot in advance!