"beat-jumping" on the pioneer CDJ 2000 Nexus / not auto play when adjusting loop size
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    Default "beat-jumping" on the pioneer CDJ 2000 Nexus / not auto play when adjusting loop size

    Can you "beat-jump" on the CDJ-2000 Nexus if your tracks are analyzed in Rekordbox? I am aware with the new version of rekordbox of the beat-jump feature, but is there a way to "beat-jump" live while playing a track on the CDJs, similar to the way you can on the physical program. This is the one feature that makes traktor a more superior choice to do live mixes with, because you can edit the phrasing and song position live. For example, is there a feature to skip 4, 8, 16, or 32 beats forward, quantized.

    ADDITIONALLY… my second question is how do you turn off the feature that restarts your loop when you are adjusting the loop length. For example, when I drop a 4 beat loop, and i want to change it to a 8 beat loop without it restarting from the beginning of the loop, thus preventing the two tracks being mixed from jumping off beat. This is similar to the auto-cue function where when you press the cue button it begins playing from that cue, but i want to just be able to adjust the size of the loop without re-starting the loop.

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    Did you have any luck getting your questions answered?

    I'm looking for the same answers.


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