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    Default audio switcher device

    I'm new to DJTT and I was wondering what would be the best option for switching audio from my computer to my traktor kontrol s4. I'd like to be able to easily switch between my desktop for gaming and mixing at home. Pc has typical 6 port color coded audio in the rear io, traktor would be running via usb, mackie mr5 mk2's have both xlr and trs balanced/rca unbalanced ports. I have no idea where to look but the simpler the better.

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    Option 1. FREE

    Just use both the inputs simultaneously. Plug your s4 into your speakers via TRS and Computer into the RCA's or vice versa - Job done.

    Option 2. $5

    A simple Audio Video Switcher.

    Option 3. $50

    A small mixer - for $50 I got this lil one for reasons similar to yourself and also use it as the main Soundcard for my imac which means I can play and record from any attached device with no extra cables (yay!) and its powered from any USB power source for standalone use, even a powerbank.

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