Where do I start when coming back to spinning???
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    Default Where do I start when coming back to spinning???

    Hi guys,

    I just started getting back into Dee Jaying and am looking to find where to start. At the same time, I've been working to become a music producer. I pretty much want to be a well rounded DJ. I want to incorporate scratching in my tracks. At the moment, I'm focusing on mixing/blending. I was thinking of spending now and the entire August everyday working on mixing and then in September start scratching. Biggest mistake I made was trying to do all the scratching back then and I didn't progress. So right now I have to just work on my skills and organize my music. Then next year toward the summer do some gigs. I have the following-two techinic 1200s, traktor Z2 mixter, 2 shuire m447 stylus, dell laptop i7 windows 8.1.

    For mobile gigs is that good enough or should I consider an S4? Anything else I should add to that set-up? I guess once I start gigging out I will think about that. In the mean I just need to improve period. Any advice is appreciated! Thx

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    I'd stick with the Z2. I'm not sure the S4 crossfader will last you long if you're scratching. You might want an X1 and/or F1 to control other decks/remix decks.
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    Im digging my x1/f1 + mixer setup, theres nothing like having control over 2 track decks and a remix deck.
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    Quote Originally Posted by redskins4life View Post
    For mobile gigs is that good enough or should I consider an S4?
    Not if you're into scratching. The S4 platters are just not up to it, and they're fragile to boot. They're better suited for things other than scratching.

    Long time S4 user here. I've gigged with the S4 ever since it first came out. Since you're doing your own custom mixes, it could function as a quick and easy 4 track recorder for you. Rock solid sync and intelligent cues make that possible. I use it like that all the time.

    You probably won't see this response until sometime in October, so just ignore it if it seems too little too late

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