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    Default multiple itunes librarys/track collections

    so here is the deal.

    i have 2 hard drives. one with music i listen to, another with my dj tunes.
    the one with my personal music is synced with my itunes and my dj drive is not. is there i way i can have two separate collections in itunes without confusing the two?

    the reason i ask is because i want to use smart playlists for my dj tunes without effing up my entire itunes library. if it isnt possible, is there any good mac software out there that i can use to go in and edit all my tags more efficiently?
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    The only reason I don't use iTunes to organise the tunes I DJ with is because I don't want them in the same library as to whats on my iphone.

    It's simple just hold alt when opening iTunes create a new library and off you go. Swweeettttt!!!! Didn't know this feature was out there.
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