Playing back a couple of mixes for me.
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    Default Playing back a couple of mixes for me.

    I'm posting this here because I really didn't know what category to post this in. So I figured that the Off-Topic thread would be the safest bet.

    So I have a couple of original songs that I recently completed.

    I'd like someone to play these back on a decent sized system and tell me how the low end holds up. I wanted to go really heavy one the 808 style kicks and kicks in general. I've played this back on a bunch of different set-ups, including over a stock, in-vehicle sound system and I was satisfied. But I am just wondering how they fair on a sub-ed PA system.

    Also, I'll take any recommendations on what genres to possibly classify the material under. I will send you uncompressed .wav files by whatever mean you're comfortable with. But here are some links to the Soundcloud versions:

    Thanks in advance.

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    For the first one (although not my style) the grunge of whatever dubstep synth/guitar you're using needs more saturation. It's the main rhythm differentiation and right now it's hiding in the background of the other tracks. I'd try giving it some more gain and increase the mid-lower end to give it some heft. Also try adding the same track an octave lower to resonate with the bass line with less gain than the main line.

    The second track has some cool sound bytes. Did you just slow it down to make it lower or is there a plugin you used?

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    you can also do this yourself in your DAW that you created the song with.
    All you need to do is place a PARAMETRIC EQ on the MAIN channel
    Dont changes its default settings otherwise it will alter your sound

    While music is playing it should show you your levels. LIke a line graph
    in FL studio you can even use the EQUO plugin

    Just tell it to show WAY more bands

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