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    I saw a number of posts regarding the buy and sell subforum, but nothing that fit my personal issue. One reply said that it's pointless to PM the moderator, plus I didn't see anything about it in the FAQ, so making a new post is all I can think of.

    Unfortunately, I'm new to forums which is embarrassing for my current age. I don't have permission to access the buy and sell subforum. I think that an admin/mod will give me permission after they see I'm not a bot or whathaveyou. Plus, all the posts regarding B&S were about their topics not being allowed soon.

    The biggest reason I'm speaking up is that because of mess, I need to sell my controller, and I'm worried that my selling post won't show up for weeks. Sorry if I've passed over something crucial in my haste.

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    You don't have enough posts to sell here. Read the rules.


    It's a way to prevent people from coming here only to sell stuff.
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