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    Hi im new to DJing and am looking to get myself a controller to start of with, i dont want to spend too much and have seen the Reloop BEATMIX 4
    As i am new im not exactly sure what im looking for, so is this a good started cotroller?
    Also would a 2 or 4 deck version be better? As ive looked at reviews of both and im still undecided, since im not going to be amazingly creative to start with and so wouldnt use all 4 decks, but i dont want to be limited to 2.
    Any advice or suggestions would be very much appreciated

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    Reloop makes great stuff.

    Whats your budget?

    Don't worry about 4 deck. That's quite a while away. There's plenty of stuff to do with 2 decks.
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    ddj-s1 used on ebay or a numark ns series used is pretty good too. If you want cheap, buy used! no shame in getting something used. Shit, all my cdjs and mixers are used, hell, clubs buy used dj gear all the time too!

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