Begginer looking for good tutorials
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    Default Begginer looking for good tutorials

    I recently bought my first MIDI controller Numark Mixtrack Pro and hooked it to VirtualDJ 7. Then I soon realized that I really lack mixing skills, so I started to search for tutorials. I found out that Ellaskins youtube channel is really great, I've already viewed all "beginner DJ Lessons playlist" videos, but he mainly uses a lot better and more advanced equipment, so it's hard to use that knowledge for Mixtrack-VDJ.

    Do you know of any good MIDI / VDJ tutorials or tutorials that would be even more suitable for my case? Thanks!

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    No... the equipment has nothing to do with it. He teaches the basics. If you can beatmatch on a CDJ, you should be able to beatmatch (relatively well, depending on resolution) on the controller and vice versa.

    Nothing beats practice.
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    I would suggest to stick with the beginner tutorials and get the basics down properly. Practise not only your mixing skills, but also your choice of music. In the end that is the most important skill there is. Your adience will forgive a mistake or two in mixing, but they will really notice a bad choice of music.

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