novice DJ - CDJ-1000's and controlling with laptop (Mac)
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    Default novice DJ - CDJ-1000's and controlling with laptop (Mac)

    hello all, novice DJ'er looking for some clarity on how Pioneer CDJ-1000's can be used with a laptop.

    I have 2 CDJ-1000's and a DJM-700. I want to control / use this setup from a Mac but getting mixed info about whether this is possible, use of audio cards, Serato, Traktor, control CD's. Lot of the info looks old so seeking bit of advice on the current position.

    This is for for personal use, not club use yet, just want a working setup to practice on.


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    You can do it using timecode, then you will need timecode CDs, a soundcard and a DJ software.
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    Unfortunately, the 1000s are not midi/hid, so you'll need timecode CDs and a compatible sound card like Daniboy said. Mixxx and Virtual DJ can use any brand of soundcard/timecodes whereas Traktor/Serato will need brand specific/certified versions of each. BUT, your DJM-700 is *mostly* midi mappable to run as an internal mixer. But it'd be smoother with less latency (most likely) to run it analog and run timecodes through a certified soundcard.
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