Coming From Virtual Dj to Traktor
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    Default Coming From Virtual Dj to Traktor

    im trying to learn to use Traktor but it seems like a lot to learn. Any good tips or tutorial videos recommended to help. Im using a Mpk mini and a Mixtrack Pro if that helps.

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    I started on vdj also and am still learning traktor. I think the best thing you can do is use the program and write down your questions/issues, etc as they pop up. From there, YouTube, google, the traktor bible, and this forum are your best bets to help transition. Initially, I had a hard time with the separate waveforms. I got really comfy with the overlapping waveforms used in vdj. Aside that, I was instantly happy I switched to traktor despite the learning curve that comes with it. Best of luck! I'm sure someone with more knowledge will chime in if you encounter some specifics that you can't resolve.

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