Hi everybody. I want to know if my setup is correct for playing. IMPORTANT: I don't want to use Xone 42 as a MIDI controller or the Audio Interface integrated to the mixer.

2 simple channels of the mixer are occupied by the turntables, the other 2 channels input are connected to the output of the external Audio Interface, the RCA record outputs of the mixer are connected to the input of the sound card, in live I got 4 total channels (2 with audio from the the record input of the sound card for recording the turntables and 2 channels with audio from the 1/2 and 3/4 of the soundcard controlled with the APC 40): the FX's of the 4 total channels are controlled by the APC40 knobs.
For mixing the Ableton audio track with the turntables there's no problem because I'll use the master tempo of ableton to modify this.

Is everything correct here?