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    I recently helped sign 3 artists to different labels and I made this video blog based off of feedback I have been receiving from a few labels. Many artists don’t realize that labels are not like back in the day where they groom and cultivate artists- the budget isn’t there anymore. When starting out, most labels are just like any other social media platform to store your content. And just like social media, you can’t expect to put out a piece of content and “hope” that the labels advertise and push your content so that it gets into the hands of the right listeners. Too many artists, both newbies and veterans, are simply going from label to label and dumping their music with the hopes that merely “getting your track signed” to a particular label is sufficient and will put you on the map. They are then surprised that their piece of work basically landed in an ocean of rocks.

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    Sounds about right, will watch later today.

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