Z2, F1, Maschine, Z1, iPads & Traktor - what to do....
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    Default Z2, F1, Maschine, Z1, iPads & Traktor - what to do....

    While the summer is still in full swing here in Ohio, it won't be long before the season changes and it will be time to spend more time indoors again. Until this weekend, my gear has been packed up and stored away for the best part of a year. It's now time to put the set up back together but I want to do something different.

    I want to create a set up that works as a standard DJ setup but which can also accommodate 2 people playing together in more of a live remix environment. Here's what I have to work with:

    2 x Technics 1200 MK5
    1 x Kontrol Z2
    1 x Kontrol Z1
    1 x Machine
    2 x Kontrol F1
    1 x Ipad Air
    2 x MBPR
    1 x Tascam US800 8-in/6-out MIDI interface
    1 x Tracktor Scratch Pro 2

    I/we will be looking to play around primarily with techno and D&B.

    I'm throwing this out to the forum to see what you creative bunnies can come up with and looking forward to getting back into the thick of it again
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    Funny you should mention this - I had A LOT of fun this weekend using my F1 while mixing D n' B. Capturing from Deck A/Deck B and re-triggering samples/hits.

    I'd consider just having 1 guy DJ on Decks A & B, and another guy driving the F1 on Decks C & D, capturing loops on the fly from decks A & B.

    Extremely simple (and not even using all of the gear you've listed) - but that'll be hella fun...
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