Livid Ohm RGB + Midifighter Twister - Ableton Live 9.1 - Mapping Problem
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    Default Livid Ohm RGB + Midifighter Twister - Ableton Live 9.1 - Mapping Problem

    Hi Everybody,

    I've just bought a Midi Fighter Twister and i would like to use as second controller for the FX in Ableton Live 9.1.4
    I've tried yesterday to set-up the both controller together but i had already a problem.
    The Livid RGB doesn't work anymore with the remote script. No lights and no function (Mixing, Playing, Djing, Module)
    I'm not sure but i think the both controller are using the same midi bank (0) with their respective remote script.

    As my Midi Fighter Twister isn't the main controller, is it possible to change easily the default bank and keep all the functionality of the remote script.
    I know that i can't do that with the Ohm RGB without changing the Python script and I haven't enough time the learn this process until my next live act.

    Thank you Head.

    Joel, one of the Badgers.

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    What script are you using, joel?

    I use an ohm rgb and a midi fighter spectra or pro with live 9 so i have almost the same exact set up.

    first of all, are you using a cracked copy of live? Whenni first started DJing with live when I was saving up money for a legit copy of suite, I had A TON of problems with remote scripts. For some reason every cracked copy gave me nothing but issues with every control surface I had. My ohm, apc40, vcm100, midi fighter, etc. I had problems with everything.

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