Midi Fighter 3D Ableton or Traktor for mashups
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    Default Midi Fighter 3D Ableton or Traktor for mashups

    Hey all! I'm super new here, so my question is going to be quite basic.

    I got the MF3D to get into making mashups/beat mixing songs together. I've been fooling around with mad Zach's sound packs but that's more for finger drumming (which is cool if you're good at it) but I want more. Now when it comes to software I know little(I've been watch hours of tutorials on ableton but nothing I found really lays it out well) I can smash buttons all day sure but from warping a song in ableton or figuring out how to use remix decks in traktor I'm kind of lost. Not sure where to focus my energy; traktor (mapping seams finicky/easily broken) or ableton. Any insight would be helpful and any links/tips/beginners videos/articles I should have send my way.

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