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    Sweet and simple, love it! both the production and dj setup. The UA + Adam combination is everything you may want for production and there is nothing to say about the technics 1210 + AH that hasn't been said, immortal classics.
    I'm on the same path but a couple of steps below, right now im djing with a pair of technics 1200 with a xone 23 mixer and producing with a motu ultralite + sony mdr7506, but looking forward to get a nice pair of monitors.

    Cheers man, lovely setup!

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    yeah, i figured keeping my setup small will help me focus on music rather than toys. Quality products over quantity of products.

    i bought my monitors off amazon under the "used" section of various monitors on my short list. if you know how use that section, you can usually find some amazing deals from other retailers trying to unload some floor room demo product, which comes with full factory warranty, free shipping, and sometimes they'll pay for the tax. I found the Adams a3x's for $450 USD, flat, in perfect condition.
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