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    I am currently ordering a set up that consists of a macbook pro 15' and traktor s4. I need suggestions for a good L Shaped laptop stand and desk. I want the desk to be simple and be able to fit both those things, but not too big since it will be in my bedroom. Any recommendations will help, thanks!!!

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    Check out Ikea for cheap, simple desks. Also, check the store here at DJTT for the laptop stands, the Crane models are very nice

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    Go with Crane. You'll pay more, but it's worth it. You don't want your $1000 laptop (or however much) falling over and breaking.

    As for desks, what Kwal said. There's a thread here with all kinds of ideas. ( Warning, it's a long thread!
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    Crane for sure. The UDG model looks sweet too but i doubt it can hold a 10kg mixer (like the crane pro)

    edit: found the evidence

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    as far as desks are concerned wooden top or glass top? or doesn't really matter?

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    Why would it matter?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jester View Post
    edit: found the evidence

    Damn son.
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