Having multiple Traktors with different settings
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    Default Having multiple Traktors with different settings

    Hi, I dj two totally different genres of music, and running Traktor while having playlists and settings for both genres has been a bit troublesome; ie. search results loading up with two genres mixed up, etc. I just got a new Macbook Air, so it's a good time for me to separate them for a cleaner workflow.

    I remember a while ago when Traktor had a major update, the previous version remained active after the installation of the new version - so I could try using different versions of Traktor (one of the genres doesn't require much tools; so I'd be fine with an older version).

    Another solution I can think of is installing Bootcamp and running one version in Windows.

    Anyhow, I was curious if there'd be an another way to have 2 Traktor Apps with separate settings/collections. I'd appreciate any input!
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    I don't think you can have two instances on one OS. However, for example, i run 2.6.4 on windows 8 and 2.6.8 on windows 7, sharing one collection but having separate settings.
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    I thought you could do side-by-side installations???

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    You could just export your settings TSI's and have 2 different collections. Then load which ever ones you want to use at the time.

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    If you create a different user account on the same machine does each account get it's own preferences and settings in Traktor? Just an idea as it works with other applications that are intended for multi-user use.

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