Can't get my beatgrid right on Recondite - Cleric [Dystopian 003]
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    Default Can't get my beatgrid right on Recondite - Cleric [Dystopian 003]

    I really like this track from Recondite and I want to play it in my sets, but the waveform in Traktor is really weird. If I set my beatgrid right on the first part of the track before the drop it's off grid in the second part. Does anybody else have this problem? I'm playing four decks with two X1's so I play with sync on, I can adjust it with the touch strip but I just want this beatgrid to get right.

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    If the tempo doesn't change, you can add another grid marker later on to get the grid right. Select 'Advanced' mode on track deck, select 'Grid' and add another beatgrid marker (looks like Y) on beat the track gets 'out of phase'. It then becomes new 'downbeat' from which the grid is laid out. Make sure 'snap' is off, so you can put the grid marker exactly where you want. I've had to use this trick a couple of times.

    If tempo changes, then you're out of luck, since Traktor can only use one tempo value per track.
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    I had the same problem with this track... Since I use 4 decks in Traktor I need this track perfectly in sync with other.... So the only way I had to solve this problem was Ableton... Beatport said that this track was around 126 bpm ( or 127)... So I warped the track in Ableton at 126 bpm and bounced it after the long process. After, back to Traktor, I put the first grid and the track's beatgrid was perfect.

    You can do the same with Logic Pro or any other DAW... The problem is the track that must be stretched....

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    Thanks!! I'm gonna try warping it in Ableton

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