Hello,I'm Dano Deep...I have a problem when it comes to events,I live in Romania -Suceava...in this city people is not very open to the music underground,dj residents of these clubs have not bothered to come up with something new on the grounds that no other kind of music go in this city...it was much easier to copy tracklist radio and use commercial music,this is why the people now in this city is not as open to other genres...I try to promote electronic music in this city,exactly the kind of music Techno \ Tech House \ Deep House \ Minimal,here comes my problem, very difficult to convince owners of these clubs or Manager to organize an event underground...why are refused is next, no one comes to listen to your music,do not like...but nobody wants to try,maybe you'll like it,you can not say you do not like without you idea what it is...I managed to organize an event last month at a pub in town,those who came to the event were around 30 people,people really were not in great numbers, but for a new start in electronic music in this town think it was ok,dj residents in these clubs are not pleased that I want to promote another kind of music...and their words that come to my address do not praise the contrary as base,I'll leave here a part of the recording of the event organized by me at Pub and my accounts to be able to listen and see what I'm doing,I hope you enjoy my work...You're opinions about my work as DJs and tips,and suggestions to help me get events in my country and in other countries.

Steel Caffe First Part (18.07.2014)

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