Hi everybody,
I just updated to Traktor 2.6.8 on my PC with Windows 7. I was using 2.6.0. No problem at all.
Then, on 2.6.8, I was working on an old playlist. I loaded a track and it said the "missing track or corrupted file" message down the screen. I went to relocate that track alone. Right after the relocating window closes, it would re-analyse the file (which is not usually doing when you're just relocating). After the analysis, I can put the track in the deck, but then it analyses again and when it's done. No waveform. I can only start the track from beginning. I tried to play another track that I had no problem with just before I relocated the other file, but it does the same for my whole collection. Analyses even though it's already done and no waveform anymore.
I found out that when I close Traktor after this issue, no changes on my playlists ever save at all.
So yea, the only way to make waveform appear again is to shut down Traktor and reopen it.
I also found out that if I relocate multiple files at the same time from a folder, it's not happening. It's only when I try to relocate one solo file.
What are your toughts on this one?