can anyone help me with beatmatching?
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    Default can anyone help me with beatmatching?

    I have numark ndx 400s and a behringer mixer
    when i try beatmatching the beats sound outta sync i use the pitch adjuster and i use the jog wheel but it jus isnt in sync i try to Djin in house/electro house/Deep house some advice would be great ...thanks

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    First off, either have only one headphone on or have the queued and playing track playing in different headphones so you can hear both songs at the same time. Secondly, start the song you're queuing on the kick drum, (or the snare/clap) but practice getting the queued song started on the same drum the currently playing song is (kick or snare/clap) and timing it so they both hit that drum at the same time. Continue listening to the kick or snare/clap - whichever makes it easier for you. Many say the snare/clap is easier. I use a number of things, maybe hi hats, kick or snare/clap. From there, you have to keep them synced. Use the jog wheel to try to keep them synced. If the queue track is slower and falling behind, move the jog wheel forward to get them synced again. You'll also then have to increase the pitch fader. If the queue track is faster, it's the opposite. Keep them in sync with the jog wheels while making adjustments to the pitch fader until they don't differ for more than 20 or 30 seconds. At this point, you should be good to go to transition to the queued track.

    And don't try beat matching songs that are wildly different BPMs. In fact, try beat matching a song to itself til you get it down a bit.

    It takes time to get down, so practice! A lot! And then keep practicing.
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    Ellaskins has a lot of awesome videos on it.

    On that note, you can also try something called fader riding. Instead of moving the jog wheel to keep the track matched, you can purely use the pitch fader. If you hear that one track is slower than the other, move the pitch fader up to accelerate it so that it is faster than the other track, and let it catch up. As the track goes ahead of the other one, move the pitch fader down to slow it down. Reduce the amount you travel every time, going back and forth, faster, slower, faster, slower, than your target track. Eventually you'll zero down on your bpm. Keep your finger on the fader as you mix it in to correct any small errors.

    The advantage of this is you only need one arm to control the beatmatch, like so:
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    just to add to the other useful information when starting out don't be afraid to just try and mix it in once you get it close and then chase the mix in he speakers. You'll never have the beat 100% synced but the better you get the less audible it will be to chase the mix down. By mixing in the speakers you'll get used to hearing the drift. Don't worry when they drift just work on getting them back in line and compensating the drift with the fader. Once you get more comfortable bringing them in time then start working 100% in your headphones before starting the mix.

    It's also useful to always work in the same direction when learning. Meaning either start off by slowing the incoming track way down or speeding it up. Personally I like to start slow and catch up to the beat. This way you can bring the fader up at increments and when you pass the correct speed you'll then have a small range to work with to catch the beat.

    it takes some time to learn! just hang in there at first it seems like they'll always be way off but over time it'll start to click. I always tap my foot to the playing track as well. Once you get it work on being more and more subtle.

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