[House] Very First House Track (criticism welcome)
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    Default Very First House Track (criticism welcome)

    So this is my first song I've ever completely finished and uploaded since i started learning to produce a couple months ago.

    Let me know what you think and I'd love any and all criticism

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    >Completely finished

    2.5 minutes?

    Check up on bars and measures, noticing an incorrect count pretty much everywhere

    Listen to other tracks and try to hear elements in them that are not present in your production flow. It sounds like you have written all of the major parts of your track but they are hastily thrown together and don't blend very well. If the track were say 4 minutes longer you would have more than enough time to make transitions smoother and more expressive.

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    Here's some valuable advice which has nothing to do with your track :

    - Never ever ever ever ever ever post on an online musical forum with the subject "My First [x]". You are daring the audience to assume that the thing you are posting is of the worst possible quality and that they should pay it absolutely no attention.

    Feedback on your track :

    - I was surprised by how decent (if basic) it was. But 2:30 is not a complete track.

    - What the guy above me said. Your target is at least 4:30, otherwise you just have parts and little to no chance of progressing through those parts.

    Thanks for posting, and keep at it!
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