DJTT working on a Komplete 10 and Kontrol S bundle
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    Default DJTT working on a Komplete 10 and Kontrol S bundle

    After watching the video from DJTT about the new S-series keyboard for Komplete, I posted a question on whether or not the board came with Komplete. And DJTT answered me with this

    My question

    "This is exactly what I needed.... Only a few questions though - does this keyboard come with a copy of Komplete/Komplete 10?

    Or if I buy this, will I still need purchase a copy of komplete 10 as well? I have never been able to afford komplete but have wanted it for so long, so I'm actually praying that it comes with it.."

    DJTT answer

    Nope - but we will be working on making a bundle for you

    So, is this something any of you guys will be waiting for? A Komplete and Kontrol S bundle? Or are you going to get Kontrol S and use it with version of K that you already have/and will purchases K10 to add to the Kontrol-S when it's out? I definitely can not afford paying 400 for the keyboard and an additional 4/500 for Komplete, no way! Meh, I wish Always wanted Komplete!

    The video with my comment
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    Yeah 500/600 keyboard with komplete 10 I'd consider though it's still a lot of coin
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    As an owner of 9, (not Ultimate) there isn't enough in 10 to warrant an upgrade for me anyway.

    From what I've read, the controller only works with versions of Komplete going back to Version 9 as well?

    I've already got controllers aplenty with Push and Max 49, not to mention hardware synths I can bang notes out on, depending on what's hooked up to my computer at any given moment. So I'm a no-go on controller Komplete.

    That's a heckuva lot of money if you're not upgrading from a previous version of Komplete, but the integration possibilities look really nice if you can save up and get both eventually.
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    Well, supposedly the S25 with Komplete 10 was gonna retail for around 999... Am I in the majority or the minority when stating that 500 for a 25 key Midi keyboard is too much???? If something was offered for 5/600 as a combo, then I'd consider it too.... but I highly doubt it....

    Now we gotta wait for the supposed S8 and the new Traktor.
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    Yeah, that's more than I want to shell out for a MIDI keyboard controller - it doesn't even have its own tone generator, FFS. Sure, the lights are purty, but dang!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ImNotDedYet View Post
    From what I've read, the controller only works with versions of Komplete going back to Version 9 as well?
    They require standard or ultimate license of Komplete 9/10, people with older versions or LE licenses need to upgrade to unlock the full potential of the keyboard.

    You guys must understand that NI is targeting it's keyboard line to people who either are part of the Komplete environment or are willing to enter it, if you are planning to buy this keyboard to use like a regular in DAWs and 3rd party plugins alone then you'd be better off with another of the multiple options in the market today because you are losing tons of functionality (that you basically paid for).

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