Hi everybody,

I'm kinda stuck in searching for a new laptop, hoping you might be able to help me.

I need a laptop to support both traktor pro 2 and ableton live 9 AND run both in a live situation. I've been looking at the Macbook pro 13" with all the added extras (2,9ghz and 8gb ram). I can afford it and I would be willing to make the switch from windows to mac. The only thing holding me back is the fact that I use a traktor kontrol s4 MkI. The internet tells me: no good! Because of the new intel chipset the laptop seems to freeze and give all kinds of problems.
Now Iím talking about buying an NEW macbook pro and not a refurbished or a used one. But Iím not spending Ä1000+ for a laptop that canít handle my S4. My current Packard Bell just canít handle it.
So my question(s) would be:
Anyone out there having a new macbook pro (2014) and the s4 mk1 who hasnít got these problems?
What windows laptop would I need to run both ableton L9 and traktor pro 2?