We kick off the first half with some funky full on groove, and then unleash a 150+bpm storm of darkpsy

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Cosmosis - Down At The Crossroad
Laughing Buddha, Groove Addict - Something Out There
Sinerider, Eeon - Light In The Dark
Laughing Buddha, Avalon - Bring It
GMS & Life Style & Audio-X & Mack - Matter Is Magic
Ovnimoon vs Middle Mode - Izolan (Vimana Remix)
Jirah - Altadyde
D-Tek - The Zone
Outsiders - Cosmology
Lucas O'Brien & Mechanimal - Advanced Cultures
Distant Touch, Android Spirit - Psychedelic Fishing Net
Malkaviam - La Oscura Ceremonia
Cthulhu - El Sueño Eterno De Cthulhu
Jangaramongara - All Monkeys
Grainfungus & Madianbrains - Shamanic Ritual
Spatial Intelligence - Gin & Chronic
Parasect - Hidden & Deep Sea Jungles
WISHI feat. Propagul - Old Tree Talks (Remix)
Antonymous - Binary Labyrinth
Paganorium - Lost Village
Spagettibrain - Flying Away
Hallucinogen - Space Pussy
Shpongle - Crystal Skulls (Western Rebel Alliance Remix)

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